CITC Sudan is an approved centre of Cambridge University CIE and approved affiliate of Cambridge International College (UK)and Cambridge London College (UK)

CITC Sudan operates through 8 campuses (One Colleges ,Three Training Centers and Four schools).

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 March 2003  , after a long  journey began in 2001 , Ontario  Canadian company founded by Dr. Salah Abdul Aziz, received the affiliation of Cambridge International College in Britain to provide Cambridge College programs in Sudan

April 2003 opening of  Khartoum Centre and the start of the training activities  of Cambridge International Training Centres in  Sudan with a number of  57 students and the classification of a bronze branch of  Cambridge International College.

March  2004 Cambridge Centres in Sudan received  the Golden classification of   Cambridge International College with record of more than 6,000 students in the first year.

 May  2005 opening of  Omdurman  Branch of Cambridge International Centres in Sudan with 120 Students.

 June 2006 opening of  Cambridge Kids Centre for Children in Khartoum  with 93 child  of kindergarten moving to Cambridge International School  in the following year with more than 500 children and Pupils.


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 May  2007 opening of  Bahry Branch  of Cambridge International Centres in  Sudan with 170 Students.

 March 2008 opening of the Cambridge International School in School in Omdurman with  482 children and students.

 8 June  2009 opening of  Cambridge International  School  in Bahry with 218    children and students.

  July 2009 Cambridge international schools to be registered in the Qualification & Curriculum Authority ( QCA) and  In the European Council of International Schools ECIS.

March 2010 Cambridge International Training Centres in Sudan received the affiliation of Cambridge Training College in Britain to provide Cambridge Training College programs in Sudan.

 March  2011 Cambridge International Schools  in Sudan received the approval  of Cambridge International Examinations  in Britain after being inspected by the inspection team of Cambridge International Examinations

October 2011 the National Council for Technological and technical education in Sudan approved the upgrade of Cambridge International Training Centres to a University College in Sudan

October 2013 the Ministry of Higher Education in Sudan approved Cambridge International college as a University College in Sudan

December 2013 Cambridge International Sudan has been accredited by International Accreditation Organization (IAO).


Other compelling benefits for adult learners at CITC are:

- CITC Sudan has been highly equipped and prepared to provide high standards of education and training, with professional native speaker teachers.

- A curriculum design that balances theory and practice.  Fully qualified professional trainers (British , Canadian & American)

- Collaborative learning emphasizing teamwork among center and students

- CITC also offers online learning through the internet


The Center's campus ( Visit our Campus Page)

The Center's campus and academic buildings are located in

Head office , Arkaweet , Nakheel Street Ext.

Cambridhe International College , Khartoum , Universty Street Cross Horiya and Bahry , Kafory Block 1 .

Khartoum Training Center, Obaid Khatim Street - Juba Cross

Omdurman Training Center in Mulazmeen - Ghandi Street

Bahry Training Center in Schools street

Khartoum School , Khartoum- Taief -Nakheel Street

Omdurman School ,Omdurman , Nile Street

Bahry School  , Bahry Kafory Block 6 .

Khartoum Kndergarten , Khartoum Arkaweet , Nakheel Street Ext.