Cambridge International Sudan is fully accredited by ( IAO ) International Accreditation Organization


Accreditation of Cambridge International College - Sudan


Cambridge International College  - Sudan -  is approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Sudan .

 All Degrees issued by Cambridge International  College are accredited and recognized by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Sudan .

Accreditation of Cambridge International Training Canters - Sudan

CITC Sudan engaged in activities of training and education in Sudan since 2003 according to specific criteria and strict regulations and has gained a wide reputation in Sudan .

 All certificates issued by Cambridge International Training  Centres in Sudan are accredited by:
1 - Ministry of Education - Department of non-government Education.
2 - The National Council for Training


Accreditation of Cambridge International Schools - Sudan


All programms and examinations run by the Cambridge International Schools in Sudan are approved and accredited by the Cambridge International Examinations.