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 كامبردج لعالمية السودان تحصل على النجمة الذهبية للجودة







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Cambridge International Sudan Introduce A-Level. 

Study In the UK

acceptance from a British university.

Our services include complete visa papers of the United Kingdom and fill out forms and facilitate the payment of visa fees and to schedule a personal interview at the British embassy if required and other ways up to get a British visa.

We are also  working to increase the chance of getting these visas even if  visa rejected in a  professional way . we will deal with all the procedures and applications to the British Embassy .

Take all actions necessary for obtaining the visa ( you have to provide the necessary documents such as bank statement to prove possession of enough money to cover the costs of studying in Britain) please see the cost on the next page.

Follow-up stages until you arrive to the university buildings in Britain.




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