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A) Definition of the College:

Cambridge International College is one of the branches of  Cambridge International Sudan .

 The distinct aim of the college is  to improve the technological disciplines, in particular for the preparation of scientifically qualified technical and practical level Advanced course copes with scientific and technological development.


A-1)Accreditation of the College and Curriculum

    Cambridge Internationall College approved by the Ministry of Higher Education in Sudan and certified to grant bachelor's and Diploma degree in 8 field  . The college will begin in the academic year 2014-2015 providing these programs for bachelor's and Diploma degree .


B) the objectives of the College:

·         To facilitate students' access to good-quality yet reasonably priced education in Sudan;

·         To create a learning environment which will support students' personal development and enable them to acquire the necessary knowledge and the appropriate skills, including interpersonal ones, which will lead to qualifications relevant to their future employment and career development;

·         Through the success of the College's completing students and graduates, to help contribute to the well-being of the enterprises they work for and the economies of the country.


General features:

The college will start this year with the Bachelor and Diploma Degree  and evolve in the future with the guidelines of the Ministry of Higher Education.


 C) Facilities

Laboratories , Computer labs and Engineering Drawing  rooms

Lecture halls.


The library.

Public facilities (bathrooms - cafeteria, etc.



The college is located the intersection of University Avenue from Liberty Street .

building consists of:

Classrooms and laboratories

8  classrooms capacity of 25 students

Computer Engineering Laboratory capacity of 25 students

Hall of engineering drawing capacity of 25 students

Library capacity of 50 students


Administrative offices

Office of the Director of College , Secretarial and reception Office of the Registrar and Student Affairs , Office of Scientific Affairs and Examinations ,Administrative Office Guard Bureau and administrative staff


Public utility

Cafeteria - The Prayer - Theatre - 9 bathrooms for both sex - generator for emergency - Air-Condition in the whole building - parking


D) characteristics of the college's programs


System of study

Credit hour system

Type of study

Bachelor type of study level

Number of sections

3 sections

Number of semesters

8 semesters

Total credit hours

15 to 20 credit hours

Total contact hours, including

practical training

1500-2500 hours

E) faculty

             It consists mainly of teachers,  (assistant teacher / teacher / head teachers / senior teachers) who are graduates of colleges and universities and have received fellowships or higher qualifications and professional experience in the industry. As well as various  academic Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Lecturer, Teaching Assistant

The ratio of students to faculty members =1:20


F)  practical training

Represents the most contact hours with the decisions of the following four groups


5% - 10 %

Basic science

10% - 15%

Specialization support science

10% - 20%

Applied Science

60% - 70%

 Taking into account in the programs of Cambridge  College the followings Uniqueness in the programs and non-repetition-  

. Attention to rare specialties-

 -Meet the needs of the country's development and needs of local communities


The number of students

          College is composed of several sections and each section includes a range of disciplines . The number of students accepted in each

specialization IS (30) students in undergraduate programs


All college program can be financed by Bank of Khartoum

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